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hibooks' simple, secure connection with your authorised bank accounts gives you a detailed, always up-to-the-minute and accurate overview of your business health.

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Connect your bank accounts to hibooks for an overview of all your businesses finances.

Save hours with bulk editing

Don't want to spend hours processing one transaction at a time? No one does. With hibooks, you can upload, edit and approve transactions in bulk, supercharging your accounting and saving you valuable time.

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Easy to connect, easy to manage, no matter how many accounts you have.

Automatic bank feeds

Save time and eliminate manual errors with automated bank feeds, and watch your transactions flow in. Upload your receipts and bills for look-no-hands automatic bank reconciliations.

Intelligent banking

With match suggestion, auto-categorisation and customisable rules, hibooks' advanced machine learning makes reconciling transactions super quick and easy.

Simplify with rules

Take back your time and speed up accounts processing by creating bank rules to change how transactions are categorised and matched.

We have even more

Reliable, innovative time-saving functionality to keep your business healthy and growing. And all with 24/7 support and security, guaranteed.

Expenses made easy:

Simply scan and upload receipts and hibooks will automate the rest. Yes, even calculating mileage and populating expense forms, so you don’t have to.

Smart invoicing

Create, automate and send your own branded invoices. And there’s no need to chase - hibooks lets you know when they’ve been viewed and paid.

Store and send files effortlessly

Need to lay your hands on a file? No problem. All your files in one place, to store, send and share whenever you want.

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We're always here to help you. If you have any problems you can check our Knowledge Center or just contact us.

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